“Susie has been essential in helping to build “The Viking Way” culture in the Selah School District over the past few years. She has not only been able to make our culture vision come to life, but she has enhanced that vision with her own creative contributions. She is passionate about working with others and is an excellent presenter who knows how to cater to the needs of the adult learner. Our district wouldn’t be in the position it is today without Susie’s supportive and thoughtful approach to helping build a culture of excellence. “

— Shane Backlund, Superintendent, Selah School district

“Susie Bennett has been a long-time summer leadership camp staff member for the Association of Washington Student Leaders, an active member of the Washington Association of Activity Coordinators and continues to do amazing work with her students and staff at Selah Middle School. Her experience along with her upbeat, genuine personality makes her new business, Blue Sky Culture, a great resource for schools and other organizations hoping to explore how a positive culture and climate can dramatically increase the efficacy of a group.”

— Joe Fenbert, AWSL, Association of Washington Student Leaders

“It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation on behalf of Susie Bennett. Susie brings many attributes to our school and has worn many hats. The work I am most proud of is her work in the area of school culture. When I first became principal of Selah Junior High, Susie and I worked together to develop a team of teachers to shape our school culture. Our school experienced a positive turn around thanks, in part, to Susie’s dedication, attention to detail and tenacity in organizing people and events.

Additionally, Susie is passionate about involving our students in impacting the culture of our school. Currently, we have a thriving mentor program with 65-70 student mentors that is made possible through the leadership and vision of Susie Bennett.”

— Marc Gallaway, Principal, Selah Middle School

“Susie is a dynamic mentor coach and teacher.  She is able to work with both small and large group of students while emphasizing the values of empathy, kindness and selflessness. She teaches with humor and patience. She is well respected by our middle school students and staff. Susie has a great skill of fostering student leaders. She is also able to see things big picture while still keeping track of all the small details of a project.  Susie has changed the culture at our school through her work with student leadership.”

— Rebekah Norgard, Teacher, Selah MIddle School