What we offer:

Quality Customer Service

Develop quality standards for customer service. Identify specific behaviors to practice, then train staff.  Trained through the Disney Institute, this service is based on Disney’s principles of quality service.


Impacting organizational culture through branding. Determine brand identity that is a representation of an organization’s values, purpose and strength. Then communicate brand to customers and patrons to grow your audience.

Develop Community Partnerships

Promote local partnerships with community organizations. Develop community events that cultivate strong ties with area businesses and organizations. 

Organizational Culture Development

Audit your culture’s status. Develop and coach workplace culture. Create inclusive staff orientations. Cultivate teamwork with retreats.

student growth and Leadership

Utilizing student leaders, develop positive, welcoming school environment. Grow leadership skills through mentor training.

growth mindset workshops

Cultivating a growth mindset among students and staff. Tenets include taking on challenges, accepting feedback, learning from the success of others plus mindfulness strategies.